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Q1: What's Solar Lights?
Q2: How Solar Energy is created?
Q3: How Does Solar Lights Work?
Q4: What is a sun hour?
Q5: What is the typical maintenance schedule for a solar lighting system?
Which types of warranties you will have?
What happens if there are cloudy days?
Do I have to charge the batteries?
How many hours need to install Solar Led street light
What is the dvantage of Solar LED Lighting?
Why All-In-One Series Come With Sensor?
Why Solar Light Price Different From Each Factory?
How does the light know when to turn on and turn off?
What do we need to know to customize your solar light project?
Why Solar Lights Very Dim During Night?

A1: If Scientifically define, Solar lights are portable light fixtures composed of LED lamps, photovoltaic solar panels, and rechargeable batteries.

General definition of solar lights:

In the layman term ‘solar light’; as explained by the term itself solar light is the light, we get with the help of the energy from the Sun or sunlight.